Grupo FAF - Produtos Siderúrgicos


Compromise, Warranty and Sustainability

FAF operates its activity with full awareness of its compromise towards partners. Creating trustworthy and transparent relationships, the company follows a long term and stable working course of action. FAF offers exclusively certified material with EC mark, ensures full traceability of its products and supports its clients in compliance with a growing complexity of technical requirements of a metal project. At the same time, the permanent investment in new and more innovative and efficient products has ensured a competitive advantage for FAF clients.

Quality requirements and guarantees are strong characteristics that define FAF and which have guided its role in the market for the past 70 years. The permanent surveillance of the alignment of our KPI’s with our main targets and strategy and has allowed the continued renewal of our quality certificates.

In all its processes, FAF follows practices and procedures that align our task force and strengthen the individual responsibility of the members of the FAF team, thus promoting quality and work safety. FAF wants to play a significant role in improving the quality of life of the people and the planet, protecting natural resources and the environment, so it can assure the sustainable development of society and of FAF itself.